31 Weeks

Friday, we hit 31 weeks into this pregnancy, and a little more than 2 weeks into my gestational diabetes diagnosis. It seems like it’s been an eternity, with 9 or so weeks to go.

I finally heard back from my OB, who was reviewing my food log and numbers, and he has decided to put me on Metformin once a day (at breakfast) in an attempt to lower my numbers. They just hadn’t improved as much as he would have liked, but he assured me it’s likely nothing I’m doing wrong. *Sigh of relief*

Sometimes, your body just needs help.

I did some reading, and learned that Metformin tablets work to lower the amount of sugar in the blood by lowering the amount of sugar produced in the liver. They also increase the sensitivity of muscle cells to a patient’s natural insulin. There’s other good news too –

There seems to be adequate evidence of efficacy and short-term safety of metformin in relation to maternal and neonatal outcomes in GDM, with possible benefits related to lower maternal weight gain and lower risk of neonatal hypoglycemia and macrosomia (large infant size at birth). Additionally, metformin offers the advantages of oral administration, convenience, less cost and greater acceptability.

-National Institutes of Health 

Today, I’m two – almost three – days into that treatment, and it seems like it might be working. Still haven’t had a perfect day yet – that’s the goal. I hope this is the week, even though there’s an awful lot going on at work to be stressed about.

My diabetes counselor reached out today and suggested more protein in the mornings, which is something I know I struggle with, since I don’t enjoy meat (or eggs all that much). She offered to get me in with a dietician, but I’m going to see how the Metformin treats me this week and see what insurance will cover before I take on what could be another added expense. She also reminded me that sometimes there will be unexplainable glucose spikes – after all, a pregnancy hormones are hard at work.

OB also called me today about an ultrasound I had back at 28 weeks, on Good Friday. Somehow they lost track of it (I’m wondering if it was because of the holiday), but I followed up like a good little patient and asked about it. The scan was to see if my partial placenta previa from 20 weeks had moved – and it had – but not far enough. He said it’s difficult to tell, but the placenta was either 2cm or 1.5 away from the cervix at 28 weeks. By now, it could be in the clear, but he wants to do a transvaginal ultrasound between 33-35 weeks to see where we stand on that. She was also breech at the time, although she has plenty of time to move, and weighing in a week ahead, at about 3 pounds.

I have to get bloodwork this week to see how my crappy thyroid is hanging in there. And the nurse told me I’ll start NSTs near the end of my pregnancy to monitor the baby’s wellbeing, though she didn’t estimate what week. When asked about the risk for early delivery or a need for induction, she indicated that will depend on a number of factors, which the doctor will speak to me about at my 33 week appointment at the end of this month. So I guess we’ll see.

The diet is getting monotonous, and a lot of the new foods I have been trying tend to cause spikes. My mood has been better overall, and my body has been more comfortable, until today at least. Today I feel huge. And tired.

Check in at 32 weeks 🙂

2 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. Congrats on pregnancy. Check out our blog for moms and moms to be and join our community and conversations. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice you can share with other ladies.


  2. Hey momma. I”m due in July also! Just looking at how other people’s journey’s are going. Trying to pass the time until my princess makes her appearance. Hope everything at the scan is good and you won’t have any additional issues! (:


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