Sweden Wikispaces

Artifact OL 635: Sweden Wikispaces

Laura Inlow

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Artifact OL 635: Sweden Wikispaces

A Wikispaces site on the country of Sweden demonstrates the first program learning outcome, interpreting the contexts and environments in which companies operate (“Saint Mary’s University”, 2016).

Built over the course of a few weeks as a bi-weekly regional update, the site demonstrates several course outcomes, including the ability to demonstrate cultural and contextual communication, evaluate components of organizational culture, and respect viewpoints from the most dominant view within a culture (“Saint Mary’s University”, 2016).

In an attempt to “identify and understand cultural influences that shape behavior and work views”, it contains pages detailing Swedish culture and traditions, Swedish business culture, and even Swedish culture as it is seen from America (“Saint Mary’s University”, 2016), a program learning outcome. There is much emphasis on the less hierarchical nature of Swedish business culture, success earned through achievement (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 2012), and generous employee and social benefits (Swedish Institute, 2016).

The bi-weekly updates page contains the analysis of two timely news stories on different topics related to Swedish business culture: a housing crisis in Stockholm and its effects on businesses recruiting new talent, and advances in a better work-life balance for employees. A personal reflections page contains thoughts and opinions on the news updates for the week, tied in with personal experiences, and a comparison of Swedish business culture to American business culture.



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